1. Hey.
    I’m Leilani. Lei, for short, besides a necklace of flowers. Raised in the garden state, and based in the tri-state area NYC/NJ.
  2. Because.
    I wanted to create an escape for myself.  So far, it’s become the perfect space for me to uncover the things that inspire me.  A blog about my inspirations & style. Why not (while deliberately delaying this decision).
  3. Curious.
    A fashion major, working, wandering, taking every opportunity to dress up because it’s fun. The art & history side of fashion is what got me hooked. So, any way to explore my curiosities is ideal whether it be through a book, a film, a person, or shopping at a vintage store. I’m really drawn to the archives of fashion.
  4. My style?
    I’ve been asked this question before, and ladylike would probably be the closest word to describe it. I’m probably an old lady at heart Haha. I like a classic, polished look. YET – I like to keep it fun too. Pops of color & art deco anything is my ish.
  5. My inspirations.
    Women of the 1950s & 60s. Put me in that era. The effortless style of Audrey Hepburn to the sophisticated style of Victoria Beckham for instance. Advocate of style, beauty, & grace. I truthfully just admire woman who have achieved their distinct style. I think those are the most stylish people on earth. Look at Iris Apfel.

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