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It’s a party, it’s a party




Follow for follow. You’ve probably heard this before but I’d rather makes friends the real way – at a party. In a crowd full of people, be able to meet like-minded individuals, share our likes, dislikes, dreams, and aspirations with all judgments aside. Talking about this virtual world that we live in – it’s remarkable how social media has become such a huge platform for us to express our individuality, our interests, and for most – our life. Call me meticulous because that’s just how I am – but my Instagram feed says a lot about me and it says a lot about you without even having to say anything. Mind you – I do like photos for their captions!

In this generation, social media has become more than just a place to share what you want to share but it’s become a branding tool and even a business for most influencers out there. For me, I never want it to get to that point since it ruins the fun of it but after analyzing the statistics it’s interesting how much of an influence you are making whether big or small. After all, those who influence me are the ones I follow because they have inspired me in some way. There is definitely a negative side to including yourself or inviting others to the party but on the positive side, having a place to share a little bit about myself or what I’m doing while connecting with others makes the party worthwhile.

Social media has changed the game. “It’s not about your GPA anymore, it’s about how many followers you have.” – in the words of one my fashion production coordinators.. After my experience at New York Fashion week, this was one of many eye opening words of realness > wisdom that I’ve heard. Social media is everything in the fashion industry and thinking about what it’s become today, shows how impactful it can really be. This is what I’m going to school for and this is actually one of my assignments.

Below, I share some of the trend reports I ran for my Facebook and Instagram accounts since they are my top 2 social media platforms I use most frequently. I used Sprout Social and Gabstats to generate these reports. After running the statistics for all of my social media accounts that I have, other than the examples below I also checked my performance for Twitter, and WordPress and I found that my following is 100% women, my followers are where I live, and my most likable posts relate to some of my fondest moments in this journey. #cool

My Facebook


Demographics by age & gender

Women between the ages of 25-34 appear to be the leading force among your fans.


Demographics by region

My Instagram


Best Months


Best 5 Hashtags


Best 3 Posts

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