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My Nanay’s Closet

IMG_4399 A month ago from now, I was back in my hometown in New Jersey and I cannot begin to tell you how much it felt good to be back. So many memories recollect in my mind every time and it’s always my fam who remind me where I came from and how much I miss being around them. One thing I do miss, is the woman that used to live in the house where I spent several nights during my stay. The person who used to give me a stick of gum every time she would babysit me, and who used to cook the best arroz caldo in the whole world during family parties. Most of all, she was the woman who I wish I got to know more, yet is is no longer around. My Nanay – who I call my grandma for those who aren’t of filipino decent. Just this afternoon, I saw her in my dream and luckily enough I got to hug her which my dad is jealous about. Anyway, I couldn’t leave without checking out her closet so I wanted to share this with you.

Marcelina Solema  

She was a hard worker, a business woman, and just one year away from being 100 years old as of today, my dad tells me. From what I remember, she was cute – short and stature. Pictured above, she is wearing a traditional formal filipino dress usually made out of lace, silk, sheer transparent material like organza, with embroidery detail, and usually white. So elegant. Thanks Nanay for being the same shoe size as me too, as I couldn’t figure out what shoes to wear for my cousin’s wedding when I was there. Her white satin kitten heels were the perfect classic touch to my outfit and were to easy dance in too. Win!

Same house, same couch Her legacy

Her home


“Playing dress up begins at age five and never truly ends.” Kate Spade

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