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Statement piece

Accessorized with possibility featuring Lucite jewelry from Possibility Jewelry. A jewelry line inspired by possibility, a love for Lucite, and old Hollywood glamour. They’re all hand crafted by designer & illustrator Astrid Mueller. You may have spotted her designs down the runway at Phoenix Fashion Week as well as her recent feature in WWD. The transparency, the shapes, and feminine touch of her designs is definitely something that stood out to me. A statement on the rise. Referencing the 1950s and 60s retro era’s where lavishness and bold jewelry were enhanced. Starlets were always dressed in more flashy, high polished pieces which I can see some elements of in her jewelry line. You’ll also discover some art deco influence in her designs and how she incorporates her childhood toy memory of, the spirograph because who wasn’t fascinated playing with that! I thoroughly enjoy her clever aesthetic for the modern woman today. Make a statement and find more of her work at possibilityjewelry.com. Don’t miss your chance at a 30% cyber and black Friday sale with promo code: BLACKFRIDAY14. Her jewels are also sold in several boutique locations in Scottsdale, AZ, Alaska – where she is based, and Los Angeles, CA.

“Accessorized with possibility, you never know what life may bring.”

I also paired these lovely drop earrings, with a sweater from Emma’s Mode which is very suitable for this time of weather. Soft accent sleeves and a comfortable wear. It’s also in my color and the material has specks of sparkle on it, what!! Can’t go wrong with that, just can’t. Plus, it’s that time of season to add a hint of glam to your outfit so it’s definitely appropriate. So, in honor of cyber Monday use my coupon code: LEI20 at emmasmode.com. Today is the perfect time to take advantage of their 30% off sale going on right now.

Have fun (:
– Lei

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